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GB75JF or GB6DD- commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings during WWII

This will be a joint operation between the Itchen Valley ARC and the Waterside New Forest ARC.

Setup will take place during the evening of Wednesday 5th June in the area delineated in Red.

We will be operating on Thursday 6th June from about 0700-1900.

There will be  chain of South Coast stations all of which are placed at points of historical importance between Torbay and Portsmouth. There will also be French stations on the Normandy Coast and some Belgian stations further east.

We will either be operating as GB75JF (if Ofcom deign to give us that call-sign) or GB6DD which I already have in place.

Pleas contact me with all of your offers of help in the setup and running of this station. Please note that there is an ANPR parking system in operation and I WILL NEED your Car Registration number to allow you free access and parking.

Geoff is organising an exhibition of historical information which will be in a marquee with or beside us.